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    Blue Cave

    On a delightful boat trip from the town of Vis or Komiža we arrive to the island of Biševo, one of many islands in the archipelago surrounding Vis. The attraction of Bisevo is the famous /Blue Grotto/, a unique world known natural phenomenon which was discovered in 1884. It can be entered only by small specially designed boats and the best time to see it is from 10 to 13..

    The cave itself is quite spacious and offers an exciting and unforgetable experience, especially the light effect created by the sun rays, reflecting in the cave through the underwater entrance.

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    We continue the trip to the bay of Porat (which is located on the other side of Bi1evo island), a beautiful sandy beach (with two restaurants), or to the southern side of Vis island (visiting fascinating bay of Stiniva and Rukavac), depending on your personal choice.

    The tour includes: transportation, the guide and the ticket to the Blue Cave
    Excursion durration: whole-day trip (possibillity oh half-day trip)

    Private boat tour

    Visiting Blue Cave, Stiniva, Green Cave and other beaches of your choice.

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    Excursion durration: whole-day trip (possibillity oh half-day trip)

    Scenic tour of Vis island

    Starting the tour from Vis town, we get on the road to Komiža, a charming little fishermens town on the south side of Vis island.

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    After a pleasant drive and spectacular panoramic views, we arrive to Komiža. Taking a walk down the waterfront leads us to the main square with a beautiful Venetian style villa called Zonkos Palace.

    We continue exploring the town following its main street called Ribarska ulica, or in translation The Fishermans Street, and the narrow alleys that bring us to the Fishermans Museum, a fortress built in the 16th century.

    We continue our way through the centuries old vineyards reaching the famous Tito's Cave. Tito was a partisan leader in the second world war. About 200 steps take us up to the first cave (used as a meeting point of Tito and his allies - British and Americans) and then another 100 take us to the second Cave where he used to work and sleep.

    The tour continues to a small (organic) agricultural restaurant in the village of Podšpilje for some local food and wine tasting. Continuing through the center of the island we come to the biggest valley, where there used to be A Royal British Airfield in second world war ( the pillars with red and white stripes that used to mark the runway can still be seen).

    Arriving at the top of the hill called Križ / The Cross, the road takes us back to Vis town, offering picturesque panoramic views on the whole bay of Vis.

    The tour includes: transportation, guide, food and wine tasting.
    Excursion durration: approximately 2 hours

    Sightseeing of ex military tunnels

    These tunnels are built during existance of Yugoslavia and are very interesting because of it's loaction, size and purpose.

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    Excursion durration: approximately 1 hour 30 min

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